With the opportunities given by familiarization of environmental problems and solutions at hand worldwide, eesd has developed an insight in how the solutions can be put into practice. The key is a combination of transparency, capacity, hands on management and will power. Our experience is that the organisational and managerial issues need to be put in the forefront. The environment is interconnected but so are environmental problems. Sound management at all levels, incentives in place, good governance and getting the prices right are still the core principles for environmental performance.

No one is against the environment. But still we shuffle around the responsibility to take action. We adopt policies and action plans for environmental management, within governments and in assuming CSR. These instruments have been used for philanthropy and reputation management for too long. Capacity is limited and therefore especially important to be put into practical use. We need to see and agree on what has to change.

Environment can be profitable – in the long term. Using resources more efficiently is eco-efficient in a double sense. Economically and ecologically there are numerous possible opportunities for sustainable growth and innovative change still to be grasped.

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