Development assistance frequently suffers from inbuilt difficulties. Where is the genuine ownership? How to find the logic between the short-term activities and goals and the overall aim, the point in case, the why assistance is given? How do you identify the steps to be taken, who needs to be involved, what kind of commitment is necessary?
Ambitions are high, and actual resources are fenced in by numerous policies and regulations. Cutting through all the red tape, two prerequisites for real world results stand out clearly: Long-term and Collaboration!

For a change to take place, the total situation has to be taken into account.
eesd uses the field approach to assistance development efforts. It is crucial to investigate the conditions and forces that bring about change, as well as the ones that resist it. Thereby you get the picture of the combined efforts that is needed. The various institutions and organisations that work with energy and environmental issues each provide valuable contributions. To further link and bridge the efforts will substantially increase their efficiency.
That is where eesd as an independent consultant has its key function.

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