eesd has worked worldwide with a number of environment and energy issues and with numerous cooperation partners. world map
Land Issues Energy and Climate Water Resources Harmful Chemicals Air Pollution
Stockholm, Sweden
Nanjing, China
Vancouver, Canada
Just and Sustainable Shelter - for all!
Bonn, Germany
Combating Climate Change
Cape Town, South Africa
World Commission
on Dams
Shanghai, China
Protecting the Ozone Layer
Belgrade, Serbia
Waste Management
Kampala, Uganda
Green Business
Beijing, China
Integrated Water
Resources Management
New Delhi, India
Chennai, India
A Toxics Free World
Manila, The Philippines Cleaner Production
Jakarta, Indonesia
Urban Land Management
Johannesburg, South Africa
World Summit on
Sustainable Development
Santiago, Chile
San José, Costa Rica
Clean Water and Sea
San Francisco, USA
Persistent Pollutants
Chongqing, China Environmental Technologies
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