At eesd we focus on energy improvements and environmental benefits.
The & (and) makes the difference! To understand the connections and to bridge between opinions and interests, we need to realize:  It is not one or the other –
it is one and the other.

Environment and Energy are in general considered complex issues. In-depth knowledge is fragmented between organisations, businesses and public authorities. Complexity creates confusion, yet much of that confusion is due to the old tradition of looking at problems in isolation, one at the time. It is only when you turn it around and look at the world holistically that it starts to make sense. Behavioural patterns become obvious, how things are linked together stands out clear. The history that repeats itself becomes visible and this different perspective makes us understand the “isolated” problems as parts of a whole.
Fragmentation on the other hand, means that crucial information is being kept in silos. At the same time we suffer from information overflow in our daily work.

Communication is 95% of a leadership role. eesd works to support the leadership responsibilities and the response-abilities. Our broad experience from the field of energy and environment, institutional frameworks, changes over time, policy and reality provides a strong foundation for tailor made support.
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