Our experience in the field of energy spans over energy sources as well as energy services. It includes technical, economical and environmental aspects, policy issues and top-level management of energy business at a national and global level.

Milestones for eesd along the road include:

  •  Building up the natural gas system in Sweden during the 80ies
  •  Senior level consultant on energy and environment at the beginning
       of the 90ies
  •  Introducing the pioneer Energy Sector development assistance policy
       at mid 90ies
  •  Working in the international energy-environment fora at the end of
       the 90ies and beginning of the 21st century
  •  Working to assist major aid agencies in developing affirmative action plans        towards a sustainable energy system

The energy sector is global, but the framework conditions are set by national priorities. Political processes like the UN Climate Change Convention have been set up with promises for a sustainable development ahead. We strive to strike what is considered an affordable balance between good governance of energy systems and existing revenues from the current but unsustainable ones. Even so, the balance can tip to the wrong side.
Are You looking to seek ideas on how to switch it back? Putting more emphasis on environmentally and economically sound decisions? Please make contact and explore the potential of us joining forces.

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