”Problems worthy of attack, prove their worth by hitting back”
Piet Hein

WELCOME to eesd
With thirty years of experience the company energy environment & sustainable development (eesd) works to Improve international cooperation towards a sustainable and equitable global development.

A sound management of human and natural resources is our vision, with the mission to support, inspire and enable important resources in such collaboration. We believe in a joint strategic planning and management, based on learning and accountability in a decentralized environment.

Over the years, we have worked with more than a hundred governmental, industrial, business and civil society partners across the world, joining forces to combat pollution and make efficient use of our common and shared resources. We are happy to assist in managing the necessary change.

Water resources, air pollution, greenhouse gases and harmful use of chemicals are within our field of work. We assist in institutional development by adding to the substance and supplying facts and tools. .

Managing the processes and working well together constitute our backbone. We apply the concept of a sustainable development to the broad and central issues ‘energy’ and ‘environment’. It is the core of our business and provides numerous challenges, to be met by sequentially improved efforts. The world has built a wealth of experience in energy environment & sustainable development during these last decades.
Let us make use of it!